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Wine with your pizza?

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Because oh so many of you drink wine with your pizza, one company has decided to come up with a "pizza wine", complete with a really classy label of, what else, a pizza.

Pizza vino:

Two new wines from California, are blended specifically to accompany pizza. Pinot Noir and Cabernet Sauvignon varieties were chosen since they are widely considered the greatest wines to pair with Ads by AdGenta.comfood. Pizza Vino wines were blended to be fruit forward and not masked by a strong oak presence, making them a perfect complement to the tomato-based sauces, cheeses and meats found in pizza. In addition, the launch of Pizza Vino with Pinot Noir as its lead varietal is very timely because the California Pinot Noir category is hotter than a pizza right out of the oven.

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Wine in a can

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Well, this just can’t be good

Iron Wine – the first, perhaps, wine in an aluminum can. Classy.


Iron Wine is available in both Malbec Cabernet Sauvignon blend and Chenin Blanc varieties. It has a recommended retail price of 5.85 ARP, or $1.95 USD, and can be purchased from its website.

Via Junk Food Blog

Guinness Commercial

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If you didn’t know already, we like Guinness. It’s kind of why we named our cat Guinness.

This is an awesome Guinness commercial. Really great. Gives a whole new meaning to “Good things come to those who wait”.

It starts with three guys enjoying beer – then it speeds back in time through many many stages of life to 3 little salamanders drinking muddy water and the final shot of one of them going “ew” – really – it’s so funny.




Via BiggestStars.com

Drink Mixing guide

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Time and again we fall back on Drinksmixer.com for ideas on what to have. Yes, we have our favourites, but we also like to try new things. And this is a great site for that – it has almost 11,000 drink recipes in stock.

People who’ve been to our apartment probably think we drink a lot based on the growing size of our liquor cabinet. But that’s not the truth. We only have a drink every week or two. And when we do, we want to be able to satisfy our cravings. Right now I know that I want something, but don’t know what. So, I am at drinksmixer to figure it all out.

All you have to do is click on “Search Drinks” to end up at a neat page where you can enter what’s in your cabinet and come up with drinks matching what you have. You can also do the same by adding all your items to your Cabinet and searching that way. It’s great. Sometimes it hiccups – for example, it won’t recognize Jagermeister, even though they have it in their glossary. Go figure. You can also search by the specific liqueur/alcohol or drink type. For example, this site is how we found out about the Black Mexican. Yikes – but good.

So, what did I find today? The Big Bull.

Beercasting files

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The latest discussion topics from last night’s Beercast have been posted to Beercasting.com. Simply pull down the menu for “vancouver squad” to March 30th.

I participated in a beercast for the topic “Canadian culture” – a topic I am, as you know, quite opinionated on. The discussion was held between myself, Ianiv, Will Pate, and Richard Eriksson. You can download that mp3 as topic 83, or from the direct link here.

Many thanks to Kris Krug for the great event organization and topic suggestion!

The pubs of London – wish we were there…

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The Cartoonist has pointed us to a great listing for the pubs in London.

red lion

Now, why can’t Vancouver have quaint pubs like this? I would be just as pleased to sip one of our many local brews in the beer category as I would be to sip those in our wonderful coffee category.

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