Mmmmmm Dinner

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Mmmmm Dinner

Next Vancouver Beercast – March 30

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The next Vancouver Beercast has been scheduled for March 30, 6pm @ Subeez. We couldn’t be there last time but next Wednesday we’ll probably make it. I’m really surprised of how good the ‘casts turned out that time considering Kris bought most the equipment the same day and was still trying to figure out how to hook everything up a few hours before. So this time around it should be even better.

And now there is a Vancouver Squad Beercasting meetup group, so if you are interested in coming to one of these events signup to be notified of future beercasts.

Cheers to St. Patricks Day

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Well, as a token to St. Patricks Day, we did go out today for a pint of Guinness. We happen to be big fans of things Irish. And of beer. Guinness we have rarely, but enjoy quite a lot. Whenever our paths take us to Ireland, I am sure we will down more than our share of Guinness along the way.

For those of you who have met our cat, this was our inspiration:

guinness equals     DSCN8302

BeerCasting on Wednesday

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Kris Krug is holding a BeerCast this Wednesday at 6pm. RSVP is not needed.

We are unfortunately not going, but really encourage anyone who wants to get out there and get involved with blogging or podcasting, or who just likes beer, to definitely attend.

Location details are over at Kris’ post.

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