Living with Vampires

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This post deals with the two series that started my reading frenzy of the past few weeks.

I recently got sucked into the whole craze surrounding the
Twilight Saga. I started the book series just to understand what all the buzz was about surrounding the movie. I knew that teenagers, and girls of all ages, were devouring the books and were salivating for the movie. I figured I’d give the series a shot – if it helped me understand the entertainment buzz an no more, that’d be fine. But I got sucked in. I believe I even termed it a “sickness” on Twitter.

The Twilight books were written by Stephenie Meyer and involve a love story between young Bella Swan and teenage vampire Edward Cullen. The first book was made into a movie, with star Robert Pattinson becoming an instant teen idol. It’s quite crazy. But back to the books. I really was sucked in.

I started reading while I was sick, so I had plenty of time to devour all four books in a matter of less than a week. I can’t explain the series better than this: it’s like being a teenager in love all over again. Vampires and supernatural worlds aside (the series goes into more than just vampires), the series has the crazy emotional pull of being a teenager. Plus, it’s written in a way that keeps you going and going, with very few natural breaks to stop. It’s more of a romance series than a Sci Fi series, and it’s quite far from pretentious. But it nonetheless has the power to come to life as you read it.

The first book was my favorite, with perhaps the fourth winning me over again. I was at first a little annoyed at the introduction of other supernatural creatures, and the flippant play of emotions and obvious easy “outs” that are built into the plot. But I enjoyed it quite a good deal anyway. There is a fifth book in the series that was started and was leaked online. Author Stephenie Meyer was disappointed with this and chose to put the novel on hold, but released the partial draft on her website. It was my favorite of the series, by far. It’s essentially the first book re-told from Edward’s perspective, which was fascinating.

Keeping in the theme of vampires, I decided to pursue the series that inspired the HBO drama True Blood, which was my favorite new series of 2008 (and that’s saying something). The Southern Vampire Mysteries, now known mostly as the Sookie Stackhouse Series was written by Charlaine Harris and involves 8 books so far, with another slated for release in May of 2009. This story follows Sookie Stackhouse, a barmaid telepath living in a small town in Louisiana. She has the reputation of being a little crazy, but is a lovable spunky character. Her whole world changes once a vampire, Bill Compton, comes to town (in this series, a synthetic blood product allowed them to ‘come out’ in society a few years ago) and she finds that she cannot read his mind. Drawn to his peace, she has a relationship with him, and becomes quite involved in his world. Read the rest of this entry »

Spanish translation of latest Potter book hits the internet

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Fans of Harry Potter have translated “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows” to Spanish and put it online for anyone to read. The translations are available in different formats, including a blog with one chapter per page and a PDF. As I write this, the blog has logged over 1 million visits.
The translation began 2 days after the book was officially launched in English and it was finished yesterday. The work was done in collaboration with various fans and was given the title “Harry Potter y las reliquias de la muerte”.
The translation is not perfect and has some grammar and errors, but I’m sure that is a minor issue for all the Spanish speaking fans of the book who don’t have to wait for the official translation to come out in stores.
(Disclaimer: I don’t encourage copyright infringement, but it is a little unfair that non-English speakers have to wait longer for the book).

SANTIAGO.- Parece que definitivamente el “embrujo” del último libro de Harry Potter fue vencido por los internautas. Esto porque a la filtración de un ejemplar días antes del estreno mundial ahora se suma que fanáticos hispanoparlantes realizaron una traducción completa de éste y la subieron a Internet.

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Harry Potter Countdown

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Harry Potter comes out tomorrow – and, in most places around the world, that means you can buy it one minute after midnight.

Ianiv and I are going to probably the lamest Harry Potter opening – at Save-On-Foods. Yep, that’s right. A grocery store.

Couldn’t find a book store that was selling the book right when it came out, and thought it would be fun for once to be a part of the release. So, when we saw the book department at our local Save-On was staying open late to hold a Harry Potter release party, we figured why not.

It’s perfect timing, really. With my long flights and stop-over on the way to Chicago bright and early Sunday morning, I’ll have something to read. I would read it in one sitting if I could, but alas that gets quite uncomfortable. Ianiv will just have to wait to get his hands on it until I get back.

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New Potter book leaked, for real this time

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An advanced copy of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, the newest and final installment of the Potter series has been photographed page by page and put online for anyone to download. Although some of the pages are hard to read due to bad lighting, this definitely looks like the real deal.

There have been other supposed leaks in the past, but these have been dismissed as fan fiction.

The book comes out in stores on July 21.

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New Potter book leaked, for real this time

Edgar Allan Poo

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Follow the adventures of Edgar Allan Poe Poo in the online comic written by Dwight L. MacPherson which went live on January 15th.

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On my list: Lifehacker book

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The Lifehacker book, Lifehacker: 88 Tech Tricks to Turbocharge Your Day, came out recently. I can’t wait to check it out. I love the blog, despite not caring about all the categories. Amidst the vastness of the content I’ve found some really great tips to increase my web productivity.


Top 10 Coffee Table Books

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Here are the Top 10 Coffee Table Books, as recommended by The News & Observer

  1. The Rejection Collection: Cartoons You Never Saw, and Never Will See, in The New Yorker
  2. Theories of Everything: Selected, Collected, and Health-Inspected Cartoons, 1978-2006
  3. Pollen: The Hidden Sexuality of Flowers
  4. Seeds: Time Capsules of Life
  5. The World of the Polar Bear
  6. Mandela: The Authorized Portrait
  7. Ngorongoro
  8. Historical Atlas of the United States
  9. A Photographer’s Life: 1990-2005, Annie Leibovitz
  10. Home: The Blueprints of Our Lives

I would also add this one in for pure Entertainment and Joy factor:

BONUS: My Secret: A PostSecret Book (Postsecret)

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