MostPublic Index: Vancouver

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NowPublic today announced, in partnership with the Vancouver Sun, the launch of its fourth MostPublic Index, this time for Vancouver. And I’m in the top 10!

The MostPublic Index identifies the Web’s 20 most visible individuals, those who are engaged in the world around them;

“This is the first attempt to take a group of people and say, ‘Let’s crunch the data and see when somebody says something, how many people do they reach with that message.’ “I think the list will surprise some people,” – Leonard Brody, CEO of NowPublic

Although I do “keep my head down” in many ways, I’m nothing if not prolific on the web. It’s a great honor to be a part of this list.

The Top 10 from the Vancouver MostPublic Index are:

  1. Darren Barefoot
  2. Tim Bray
  3. Boris Mann
  4. Kris Krüg
  5. Roland Tanglao
  6. Tom Williams
  7. Megan Cole
  8. Rebecca Bollwitt
  9. Arieanna Schweber
  10. Tod Maffin

Check out the full Top 20 here. And have a look around the NowPublic site – if you haven’t seen it since the re-design, it’s well worth some of your time. The header is constantly changing too, which is great fun.

And yes, I’m aware the Vancouver Sun mis-spelled my name :(

Happy b5-iversary to Me

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Today marks my 3-year anniversary with b5media. Hard to believe that was 3 years ago already!

I’ve been with b5media since the day they launched – on September 19, 2005 my two blogs with b5 were Cooking-Gadgets (which I still write) and SheKnowsBest (no longer writing).

A lot has changed since the blog network launched – both from a b5media perspective and from my perspective as part of the company.

Over the years, there was a progression for more of my time to be devoted to work at b5. After being the first person to work “full time” on my blogs there, things progressed. I became the first Channel Editor (CE) in the first channel, which was then a combo of Entertainment & Celebrities. The channels eventually split, then were managed separately, and now are (mostly) back together. The current Entertainment channel has over 50 blogs.

Within b5, I still write Cooking-Gadgets, but also write on Gilmore Girls News, Mischa News, Hilary News and Lohan Groupie. There have been times when I’ve written more sites, and likely I will move towards writing fewer sites.

The work I enjoy the most at b5 is about community – about fostering community on my sites, but more importantly fostering community within the Entertainment channel. I love working with each and every one of my writers – they do some amazing work! I have also fallen in love with the Entertainment industry – I love the pace of it, the style of it, and the community that flocks to it.

Formula for Success at Vidfest

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In the Right Brain Rock Out! panel at Vidfest, by far my favorite panel of the day, Jonathan Tippett, the engineer behind the Mondo Spider, answers the audience-posed question of how to get clients to pay up-front for design services for a brand-new web design company. Jonathan’s answer to the question was to create a formula:


Jonathan Tippett also talked about creativity being created out of necessity. You create a necessity and some idea will be born of that. The Mondo Spider was created out of the necessity he and his friends created to challenge themselves; the "necessity" was to create a walking machine. To Tippett, creativity is not just the spark of an idea, since many people have amazing ideas all the time, but the ability to actualize that idea.

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You’re Closing, Really?

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The Store that Never Closes

This store has been a major pet peeve of ours. We moved to North Vancouver about a year and a half ago, and thought very little of the Sleepers store on 3rd & Lonsdale and it’s Store Closing signs. Sucks, but stores close all the time.

But that was a year and a half ago. And the signs are still there. Since they are not nice signs, even, and they are this glaring yellow, it’s beyond annoying. I would never will a store to close, but if they are not going to close, could they please take down those damn signs?

This incident is just about as bad as the store where we bought our sofa. It had a "sale" sign so big that it was one letter per window. And their "sale" was on for at least a year.

Some basic business lessons to learn from this:

  • You are not on sale if the sale is on every day for more than a year
  • You are not closing if you stay open for at least a year and a half past since when you put up the signs

Both practices are misleading and dishonest. And really really annoying.

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b5 launches Spekked

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A couple of days ago, b5media launched a new Entertainment portal called

This is a pretty big step in the industry – not just the blog network industry, but also the Entertainment industry.

b5 is known for amazing niche blogs. Giving readers the freedom to read about exactly the topic they want. And we’ve built amazing communities around that. Spekked is a step towards solidifying that – making that content available to browse in one place. We highlight top posts from our blogs, as well as all the latest news.

Some readers want the "at a glance" picture of the industry. Others just want new ways to find interesting posts. Spekked is that place. And will build to be one of the top Entertainment destinations on the web.

Why Spekked? This is a name I am very proud of. My goal was to establish a new brand – so the choice of the name had to be a word that did not have previous branding ties, or strong word associations. It also had to appeal to the readers – short, catchy, fun – and the Entertainment industry leaders – professional, crisp.

Flipping through my dictionary, I came across the word "spec" – to speculate. That’s pretty much what Entertainment blogging is all about – what’s going to happen, and why stuff happened. It kept coming back at me over and over while I tried other names, so I worked on it. Specced – hard to say. Specked – dictionary spelling, being squatted, kind of boring. Speked – looks funny. Spekked – different, graphically appealing, strong.

So, that’s the story behind the name. And it’s only the beginning of the story about the brand. Stay tuned.

Oh, and did I mention a contest? Yeah. Big prizes – like the new iPod Nano Video. Check it out here.

Going on vacation is exhausting

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Isn’t it ironic how much we have to work in order to take a break from work? I’ve been planning my schedule for weeks, and have been putting in ridiculous hours trying to get ready to go to Spain.

I have to prepost for certain blogs (anywhere from 15-30 posts per site), and have been trying to tie up a lot of open projects as channel editor. From new blogs to training to contests. I have temporary bloggers for the remaining blogs, and will set them up with appropriate sources.

All of this, as well as trying to manage my already very full work schedule and all the stuff that had to get done for the trip. Quite exhausted. I guess it’s a good thing that a vacation includes rest ;)

I am not sure everything I set out to do will get done. Actually, I’m fairly sure it won’t. It’s just about prioritizing the "must do" projects at this point.

My goal: to finish work at 1:30 on Wendesday. I do not want to do more than check my email that afternoon or Thursday morning. I want to retain the benefit of my massage on Wednesday for as long as possible, and that means avoiding work. Going to be hard to be home and know how much work needs to be done, and yet know I can’t do it. I’m leaving my packing until the last minute to occupy at least some of my time.

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4400 Fan of the Week

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Well, isn’t this sweet. I am featured on USA Network’s 4400 page as "Fan of the Week"

You can check out my profile here. We get a lovely little link over to our 4400 site, which suits me just fine ;)

Definitely think that over 500 posts (myself and Alexandra) about The 4400 qualify me as a fan.

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