Cats and Pregnancy

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Three days ago we put my 15-year-old Siamese-Persian cat, Nala, on anxiety medication. Yep, anti-depressants for a cat. Why? Because of the pregnancy.


Since early on in the pregnancy, the first trimester, Nala started to sense something was different, and it began to make her anxious. There’s no conclusive evidence that cats can sense pregnancy, but they can definitely pick up on cues, like your behavior changing. Who knows what she sensed.

We always knew this would be a difficult thing for her. Nala is MY cat. 100% attached to me and only me. About 4 years ago, we got a second cat. Partly we were hoping that would help her separate from me a bit, to know that she can share me. Well, that was an interesting experience. She got very sick for several weeks, requiring medication in order to help her keep down food and water. We worked through the process with behavioral training and by using Feliway. Still, she was very hurt and distant for a long time. It was a year before she sat on my lap again and much longer before she fully trusted me again. Going away for business or vacations helped her to realize she was being silly, actually, and each time she became more pliable and cuddly again.

Back to now. Nala began to exhibit signs of her stress early on, and they only got worse. She was grooming excessively, had litterbox issues, was losing weight, was demanding food constantly (including twice during the night) and overall seemed to be in “panic” mode about everything. If I even went into the baby room she would meow frantically. Read the rest of this entry »

Stealth Ninja Cat

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For your Monday enjoyment – “Ninja cat comes closer while not moving!”

Found via Darren’s twitter

Simon’s Cat

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Having two cats subjects us to two very different cat personalities. Both of which are personified in "Simon’s Cat" in these two animated shorts. The first is entitled "TV Dinner:"

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Cats and Kids

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I was reading lolcats, like I do every day, and had to stop and laugh at this latest one:


I laughed, though, not just because it’s funny, but because I was such a kid. Case in point:

That was my cat Rocky, and he let me do whatever I wanted to him. The most tolerant, doting cat ever. From the Mr. Potato Head accessories, to clothes, to (I’m told) pushing him in a toy baby carriage. He even claimed my pillow at night and, logically, I’d then sleep on him instead. So, he may have hated it, but some part of him loved the attention.   

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Before & After

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Our cats have a typical love/hate relationship. Nala dominates the house as the older female cat, but she’s naturally submissive so there’s never been a firm "dominant cat". Guinness loves Nala and wants to spend all his time with her, but as often wants to play with her or try to pin her down.

This moment is really one of those. A calm moment of kitty kisses followed by Guinness attempting to hit Nala in the face. He just can’t resist.

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Because he can

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funny pictures
moar funny pictures

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Cat Wake Up Call

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Over at Laughing Squid I saw this really funny animation of a cat trying to wake up its human. Our cats follow pretty much the same pattern, but thankfully they manage to wake us up before trying what this cat does!

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