Working outside!

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A first for the season – working outside! Yesterday we scrubbed the crap out of the top deck to remove any shade of green, and with the new table and chairs and a directors share from Costco today, and a few plants, it’s looking quite nice.

We still need to powerwash it. Remove the really ground in dirt. And we still need to remove some rotten planters, add some more plants, and put up an umbrella and a bench. But hey, I cannot complain. It’s nice to be outside!

And even more fun – my cats are with me! The cats are both completely indoor kitties. But since the top deck is completely enclosed and there are no gaps for them to squeeze out of onto the roof, so long as I am here to prevent them jumping, I am happy to give them some time outside.

Nala is loving it. She was scratching and meowing at the door to be let out. Guinness, our scaredy cat, is taking it a bit more slow. He’s made one very slow rotation around the patio so far.

Welcome to spring :)

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My wake-up call

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I had the worst wake-up call today.

Ianiv was already out of bed. He fed the cats and was in the shower. Our little cat Guinness was a tad hyper. Guinness decides to jump onto our headboard – something he usually does to piss us off – and sit there for a bit.

I notice it, but I’m still sleeping. I just let him be.

He jumps down. Onto me. Right on my stomach. Knocks the wind right out of me. And 3 hours later, it still hurts like a bugger.

Damn cat.

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Caution: Cat Vomit

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I think every cat owner dreads the inevitable hairball, especially if they go unnoticed as you stumble to the bathroom in the middle of the night. Yeah.

Anyway, a sign like this would be great. Especially if it could place itself ;)

Cat owner note: we were on Medi-cal food for Nala for a long time, she being a ‘geriatric’ kitty now. Anywho, after many months of her giving me the evil eye, I figured out she simply didn’t like it anymore. We switched to Eukanuba for Seniors (the only brand we could find that did not have meat ‘byproducts’ as the first ingredient, but rather meat itself) and no more hairballs. At all. It used to be fairly frequent. Just goes to show you that food from the vet is not always better.

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The cats here love me!

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There are a few outdoor kitties in our new townhouse complex. They like to look in our sliding door and say hi to me and my cats. And, apparently they’ve grown quite fond of me.

This weekend, I was doing some gardening out front, getting all the soil turned and ready for some pretty flowers, when I got a positive sign that the cats around here just love me.

"Oh, Arieanna, thank you so much for taking care of us. This is just the perfect litter box"

And I received several presents as thanks…

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If you hate your cats…

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Send them here.

Seriously, who would do that? I would never do that to my babies. They trust me not to torture them. And, to them, that is a very frightening experience. Poor babies probably expect to drown or something.

My cats know how to clean themselves. And if I really had to bathe them, I would do it myself. I prefer being scratched than doing that. Poor kitties.


Cat therapy

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When you’re having a bad day, you can always count on your cats to make life easier.

And if you don’t have cats, a moment like this is pure sunshine.

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The picture of contentment

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"I had 5 minutes of perfect contentment…
And then I had to pee."

This is the story that leads up to that moment…

So, Vancouver is being hit with a very violent storm and the power dropped off about an hour ago. No wireless, no tv. Blah.

So, I take my cat Nala to the couch for some cuddle time. She still has issues about where and when I’m ‘allowed’ to cuddle her, remnants of getting Guinness, but I worked on her. I got myself incredibly comfy (a feat for someone with as many issues as me), and petted her gently, rubbing her tummy and cooing to her until she found a comfy spot and purred herself to sleep.

Ah, I was so satisfied. My Nala cuddling with me. Comfy. Perfect. But it gets better…

So, just as I am drifting off into dream land, Guinness arrives. Notices I’m not paying attention to him and dives right in. However, Nala has entrenched her territory by now. She’s comfy. So, instead of fleeing, she just growls at him. He gives up and lies down.

So, I have Nala on my right side and Guinness on my left. A perfect blanket of cat cuddliness. 

I watch Guinness until he’s about to drift, and manage to stop him from hitting Nala on the head enough times for him to give up, and I am in heaven. So warm, so comfy, and satisfied in a moment I know will never happen again. Contentment. I start to drift off.

And then it hits me. My bladder. With a sudden force it yells out. ‘Helloooo, wake up, my turn.’ Dammit! I try to ignore it, but the damn coffee has asserted itself. I have to get up.

I had 5 minutes of perfect contentment. And then I had to pee.

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