Tris’ easy high-roast herb chicken

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Recipe submitted by Tris Hussey.

- Chicken (I’m using chicken legs and thighs, but it could be done with any pieces…skin makes it crispy…)
- pepper
- salt
- oregano
- basil

1. Preheat oven to 400
2. I use my broiling pan, but you could also put a cooling rack on a baking sheet. I also cover the grilling area of the broiling pan with foil and put water in the pan below…helps with clean up.

Okay…this is super duper easy…

3. Take your cut pieces of chicken put on broiling pan or wire rack and spray with olive oil (or preferred).
4. Sprinkle on pepper, salt, oregano, and basil.
5. Put in oven
6. check and turn the pan every 15 mins…should take 30-40 mins to cook. Depends on your oven.
7. Eat when done.

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