Fact of the day: coffee can reduce soil acidity

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Coffee is a good fertilizer, and that’s something I just took for granted. I never asked "why" it was good, or how. Well, pushing into this fun fact series, I decided to look it up.

Cooling the beansToday I learned that coffee is used to reduce soil acidity. Apparently farmers will dilute coffee four times its volume in water, a dilution which is very common to reduce soil acidity when growing tomatoes, chili peppers, blueberries and other plants prone to high acidity.

Spent coffee grounds are a good fertilizer in gardens because of their high nitrogen content. Starbucks, and some other coffee shops, have a specific policy of giving away their used coffee grounds to gardeners. While they tend to be only slightly acidic, they also tend to improve the acidity of garden soil through the same chemical processes which cause sawdust to do the same thing. Coffee grounds raise soil acidity more immediately if they are added fresh, instead of after brewing.

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Quote of the day

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"I’m merely mortal and I need a cup of coffee".

Shelley Solmes on CBC Radio 2, 10 minutes ago.

What I got for Christmas

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DSCN0882One of the gifts Arieanna gave me this Christmas was a couple of Bodum Assam double-wall glasses. These 7 ounce glasses have a double wall of glass which helps keep your hot drinks hot and cold ones cold. The pictures I took are really bad and they don’t make justice to how nice the glasses look, the coffee seems to be floating, a nice effect. Another benefit of the double wall is that the outside of the glass wont sweat so it wont leave any marks on the table.

I don’t have any actual data, but I do think that the coffee stayed hot longer than when using our regular cups. The outer wall didn’t get hot, just a little warm, so it was easy to hold it comfortably. Thanks Arieanna!


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Steeps Tea

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This past weekend we popped in to Steeps Tea for the first time. We’ve been meaning to go for a long time, since we’ve seen their tea around town and heard amazing things. Well, we weren’t let down. With a variety of 190 teas, we had a lot to choose from!

All the teas are loose leaf and of amazing quality. If you look at the fruity teas, for example, you don’t just have great smelling tea, you can actually see bits of dried fruit, or dried flowers as the case may be.

It was hard to choose a tea. In the end I tried a black tea with a kind of smoky flavour, and Ianiv had a green tea. I totally forget which ones, sorry! We did come home with a new tea, a Jasmine tea. Very fragrant and yummy.


The teahouse is really eclectic. With modern furniture mixed in with antiques and a really nice atmosphere, it’s a great place to go and relax. I loved that you got to pick your own teacup. Very reminiscent of going to see my Oma.

2 weeks without good coffee

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Oh, did I suffer! Two whole weeks without good coffee. Not to say I didn’t try to find some! I spent the last two weeks in Ontario, and a few of those days in Montreal. I felt sure to find a good cup of coffee in Montreal, but was sorely disappointed. I stuck my head into I don’t know how many cafes before giving up early one afternoon and going to Van Houtte. Blah. Don’t even need to review that, now do I?

The second attempt at good coffee was in a more French part of Montreal on a street whose name I’ve forgotten at the moment but that starts with an L. Oh, it even smelled horrid after I got the cup. Don’t be misled by a good smelling cafe – it doesn’t always mean a good cup of coffee!

Anyway, after exhausting myself trying to find a good cafe, I even reduced myself twice to get Tim Hortons, which I abhor, out of sheer necessity when driving. So bad.

Perhaps I should have remembered to take my beans with me! And I totally need a travel french press for one person, I think. This whole searching for cafes thing is not working out so well! And I don’t consider Starbucks a viable alternative, either!

So, unless I can scour reviews of cities before I go to see a) what is good, and b) if I can get there, I had better be prepared to travel with coffee!

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Karma in Action

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Watch what you say at Starbucks next time, or you could become victim of the decaf revenger.


Via Pete Quily

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Canada has the largest coffee pot in the world

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It’s nice to see Canada jumping onto the odd roadside coffee attractions. A while ago I posted about some giant teacups and coffee pots you can see around the USA – now Canada has one. And, not just any one. The largest one.

This one is supposedly the world’s largest coffee pot. It’s located in Davidson, Saskatchewan, measures 24 feet (7.3 meters) tall, is made of sheet metal, and could hold 150,000 8-ounce cups of coffee, according to the coolquiz.com trivia list. Morning Coffee & Afternoon Tea

Now, why can’t we have nice looking coffee pots and cups? What about a nice French Press with some great little stainless steel travel mug? Come on, people!

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