New blog: Baking Low Fat

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We’ve officially launched our 5th blog: Baking Low Fat.

I love to bake. Don’t know if it’s the ingredients, the process, or just the satisfaction of eating the goodies, but I love baking far more than cooking. However, for health reasons, we try to be really healthy in the kitchen. I’ve found it quite hard to accomidate my love for baked goods into a healthy lifestyle. Baking is not really a low-carb diet, but I’m not a low-carb kind of person. Happen to love my carbs.

Fortunately, I have come across a couple of hard-to-get cookbooks and constantly search the web for tons of recipes and tips. So, I am able to enjoy the yummy baked goods without all the fat. Luckily, there are some easy ways to take out the oil and butter without sacrificing the flavour.

So, this blog is to share what I’ve learned. And, bonus, it’s a Drupal blog. So, you can share your recipes and ideas too. Subscribe to the blog, and join the community of healthy bakers.

Knife Holder anyone?

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Update: I have received a reply from Vice Versa on this product. It will be available in North America in 90 days. When I know the price, I will post it. :)

If there has ever before been a better knife holder, I’d like to know.

Voodoo the knife holder, designed by Raffaele Ianello for Viceversa. Holds 5 kitchen knives. If you can call that holding. And the red. So perfect.

knife holder

I love it so much I wish I knew where to buy it. I can just imagine years of conversations from this one simple kitchen accessory.

Thanks to apartment therapy for pointing me in the right direction.

Low-fat baking – how to preserve your goodies

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One of the drawbacks of making your goodies low fat is that they don’t always stand up to the freshness test for as long.

Without as much fat, things go bad faster. Additionally, many of the fat substitutes are items that which themselves can go bad: yogurt, ripe banana (already on its way!), jams, buttermilk.

If you don’t plan on eating your goodies the same day or the day after, you should think about freezing what you cannot eat. If you want to stretch eating your muffins or cakes for 4-5 days, put them into the fridge right away to slow down the process of going bad right away.

I’ve had a few experiences myself where I’ve forgotten to heed these tips. Most cookbooks don’t tell you to do this, even if they recommend these ingredients. Maybe they want you to eat it all right away? Regardless, these are good pointers for any low-fat baking items I give you recipes for, or any recipes you change yourself to be more low fat.

I will be passing on my low-fat tips as time goes on. Keep your eyes open for them!

Barware with a modern twist

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Happy People Reversible glasses by Karim Rashid are the modern twist just right for anyone who wants a stylish addition to their barware – or who needs to conserve some space.

drinking glasses

The reversible glassware comes in a whole range of varieties. Each is made from mouth-blown crystal. These artistic yet functional pieces include, for example, a martini on one side and a saki on the other.

What a great conversational piece! We have a whole range of barware, including great tulip style pint glasses I had shipped in, but these would be great in our display unit. My fave is the cognac slash tequila. I am a little confused as to why the artist would put these two together – aesthetically very nice, but not a suggested alcohol mix in my books!

This is as I sit here sipping my rum and coke…

New Cookbooks to try

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So I went to Banyen Books & Sound today to spend my lovely b-day gift from my friends Justin & Allison. They had a sale today so I got some great deals.

Two of the books I got are cookbooks. The store only has Vegetarian cookbooks – which is fine, since we eat a lot of Vegetarian meals (even though Ianiv doesn’t like vegetables oddly enough). Anyway, I was a little surprised they only had Vegetarian cookbooks since their Business section was quite full – ethics in one area but not another. haha. Anyway, the two cookbooks I got are:

Everthing you always wanted to know about whole foods but were afraid to ask – Christina Cooks series by Christina Pirello

Very Vegetarian
by Jannequin Bennett & Carl Lewis

So far both look promising. I have dog tagged a whole bunch of pages. I would say that Christina’s book requires a bit more in the way of vegan dishes with odd ingredients, but the recipes look great. I may do a lot of swapping with them both since I have no Vegan requirements. I wouldn’t say either of them do a lot to make things low fat, but rather use oils and butters that are Vegan friendly. But I am a pro at making low fat dishes so alterations are no problem.

I will post recipes I think you should make in the Recipes category as I make them. When I’ve made enough recipes in both I will sumbit a formal review, but so far so good. I’m impressed. Not too much tofu to throw me off and enough grain product based recipes to keep Ianiv happy.

KitchenAid gone Wild

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For those fans of the best mixer out there, we bring you the hot rod Kitchen Aid

This photo, taken by Alton Brown, is awesome.


I am also not a big fan of the flame thing, but I love the concept of customizing your appliances. This is not something I’ve seen before. I have been dreaming and drooling over the KitchenAid Stand Mixer forever. I know that once I get it I will be absolutely obsessed with baking… and with getting all the accessories. I am a bakeaholic already – I would bake everyday if we could just eat it. But I try to limit to once every week or two. Right now we’re on banana bread – recipe will come at a later date.

Anyway, back to customization. I have always wanted the dark blue with stainless trim. But customization sounds like a good alternative. I would take ages to figure out what to do. I would be interested if anyone has ever customized an appliance before – any fridges or anything?

A Frying Pan you can Roll Up

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Popgadget: Personal Tech for Women: The scrolling frying pan

Ever wonder where the heck you are supposed to put all those clunky frying pans? I think someone has finally decided to do something about it. Sam Hextall’s Scroll Pan is the solution.

fry pan

“the Scroll Pan introduces more fun to frying. Folding your omelette, for example, has never been easier. Different shapes and sizes as well as cooking surfaces would be available in the range and each pan comes with a storage sleeve which can be hung up. The rolling base of the pan could be made in a number of ways. Diphenyl silicone (plasma treated and Teflon coated) would produce a heatproof and flexible surface. Safe to cook on, light, durable and easy to clean the Scroll Pan is a modern, stylish and fun addition to the kitchen.”

I hope this means a new era of frying pans. Ones that solve all our apartment storage woes!

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