Photobook: DIY Album from Blurb

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Honeymoon Album using Blurb

Today we got back our first coffee-table style photo book that was created using our honeymoon photos using the Blurb software (free software). We started off with something like 1600 photos from our nearly month-long trip to Europe 2 years ago for our honeymoon (yes, I get camera happy!)

We have nearly 15,000 images on Flickr and have only ever physically printed just our photos from Barcelona last year. We rather suck at the non-digital step. So, I decided to mix the technology in to make it easier. I’m not sure it was necessarily easier to use Blurb to create the photobook, but the end result was something I couldn’t have achieved with just printing photos. Here’s a shot of the software:

In the end, we have a 160-page book featuring about 450 images from our honeymoon. Some of those images are full page, some arranged into quadrants, and some mixed into patterns. There were lots of templates in the Blurb software to create various layouts. The cover I chose is basically a sticker-type thing that goes over the fabric, instead of the jacket (though the latter has the advantage of jacket flaps).

Honeymoon Album using BlurbHoneymoon Album using BlurbHoneymoon Album using Blurb

I chose to keep this book just about the images. It was too overwhelming with so many images to choose from to think about putting in a story as well. I had something pretty written for the flaps, but didn’t realize there would be no flaps with this cover style. Kind of a bummer on that.

I will definitely be exploring this in future, and would like to create books with more full-page photos, with text, and perhaps with black backgrounds instead of the white. We had no idea what to expect from the first try, but were quite pleased by it!

The price was just over $100 plus shipping for the book – not bad considering how many photos there are and that they are full bleed, and many at a large size. The quality was pretty good, with only slightly less vibrant colors than the real photos.

3D paper snowflake

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Beautiful, isn’t it? And it’s all made from paper. Easier than you might think.

You simply start with paper, scissors, tape and a stapler.

Following the step-by-step instructions here, you cut and fold paper into each snowflake point. In the end, you staple them all together into the large snowflake.

It’s a beautiful and simple craft. Great for your windows.

Via DIY:happy ; Photo credit to Liz

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Amazing Ferrari scale model

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Pierre Scerri spent 15 years building a fully functional 1:3 scale model of a Ferrari 312PB. Drafting the schematics and making the molds for the parts took 7 years.

Using cloth to wrap gifts

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In an effort to reduce the amount of paper wasted when wrapping gifts the Japanese Environment Ministry has made instructions available for using cloth instead.

via MAKE: Blog

How to carve a pumpkin that rocks

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I think even with a how-to tutorial as good as this one from Ray Villafane, my pumpkin would still look like a lump of orange that a chainsaw attacked.

Just as nice as last year’s Extreme Jack’s

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Sandwich Art

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Co ahead. Play with your food. I dare you to make something better than these:

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X-shaped rubber bands

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And today, in the "why didn’t we think of that" category: x-shaped rubber bands. Apparently they’ve been around since 1995, but I’ve never heard of them or seen them in use before. Very handy little bands. Wonder how far they stretch…

Via popgadget

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