How to make a snowman ornament from a light bulb

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When your light bulbs die, don’t throw them out. Make them into really cute ornaments. My favorite one is the Snowman Light Bulb.

1. Coat the light bulb in approx 3 layers of white craft paint

2. Coat the “hat” in black, 2-3 layers

3. Glue 3 buttons onto his front – either buttons, or little jewelry beads (using a glue gun)

4. Make eyes and nose from jewelry beads, those tinted silver inside add a nice touch

5. For the nose, I used a miniature light bulb from a package of those sold to decorate those mini Christmas village sets – I simply cut off the lights, then their ends and glued it on

6. Make scarf from some scrap material – fold it over, glue it down then create tassles. Tie it around the neck in your favorite position – you may need to glue it down a bit

7. Using floral wire, make a decorative trim to the hat – wrap it around and tie it off, crunching up the ends. This will give it some flare and also a place for you to add your ornament hook

8. Rub a regular glue stick around the base of the snowman then roll him in some clear sparkles

Hang & enjoy! Great craft with kids, although I suggest doing the painting beforehand, since it takes a bit of time.

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Christmas Tree

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I LOVE Christmas. And I’m absolutely obsessed with really big, really full Christmas trees. Luckily this year we got it pretty quickly. Sometimes I go from lot to lot looking for just the right symmetry! Used to drive my mom crazy.


As my friends also know, I love to decorate. Make a ton of Christmas ornaments, about half of what you see on my tree. What you don’t see is the mess all this creates in the rest of our livingroom while I do my crafts!

The lights are white, but you can’t really see them in the picture.

Making Christmas Cards

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I spent the weekend in Christmas mode. Part of my Christmas traditions includes crafts of various sorts. I’ve always made ornaments or neat little things for around the house. Stuff I give away as gifts or keep. Aside from my usual craftiness and baking frenzy, I started getting more into certain craft areas: wrapping paper and cards.

For a few years now, I’ve been making my own wrapping paper. Just using regular brown paper with paint and some styrofoam or homemade stamps – wrapping it all up with fancy ribbons. Way more economical and fun.

I also make Christmas cards. They all tend to be fairly unique, but my favorite design is of “Christmas morning”, and I’ll explain how I made it.


1. Cut a piece of card stock in a bright color to the desired size for your envelopes.

2. Cut or tear the top piece just under an inch so that you can see the inside of the card (tearing is actually a nice effect)

3. Place a contrasting color on the inside of the card, leaving a colorful border on the left and right sides. I used recycled paper that was easy to write on

4. Stamp out 3 stockings, 1 set of presents and 1 christmas tree – use one color for all, or different colors for different effects

5. Cut out stockings into their shape

6. Cut the tree and presents into rectangles and glue each onto another contrasting piece of paper – cut around, leaving a small border

7. Glue the tree to the card top, then glue the presents onto the tree corner, letting it go half way over the cut front flap

8. Cut 3 short pieces of ribbon and one long one

9. Attach the short ribbons to the stockings in a loop with glue (white glue works)

10. Attach the longer ribbon around the top of the card (looping inside) and fixing in place with notches on the sides – before making a bow, slip the stockings onto the ribbon

Alternate “hanging” ribbon would be to fix the ribbon to the front only with a nice droop, then fix in place on the edges with colorful buttons & glue.

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Rubber Stamp With Wood Handle-Christmas Joy

Quill pens from feathers

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Learn how to cut quill pens from feathers here.


I’m sure Tris will like this one :)


Apple vases

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I didn’t get a clear shot of it since the night went so fast, but if you look to the right of the picture you’ll see a green apple being used as a flower vase. I did lots of these for the engagement party and they were a real hit.


How to make an Apple Vase:

Green apples are recommended. The brighter the better.

Core out the centre of the apple as deep as you can go with a knife or a screwdriver. If you are using only one flower, the screwdriver will help to keep it in nice and tight.

I recommend using a large flower such as this dahlia. I tried smaller flower versions in bunches but this really had the biggest impact.

Water is optional, but may stop your flowers from fading. You’ll need a bigger hole to hold water if you go this method.

Simple. Inexpensive. Big impact.

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Antique puzzles

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par3_mediumThis guy named Bob Armstrong has a really interesting collection of antique puzzles. He restores them. I think the are absolutely amazing. What true puzzles should be – not just something to pass the hour, but something artistic and challenging.2502x250 SoulMate

The pieces are all wacky shapes, which was a must for me growing up, and the final products are really amazing.

Would you believe a large collection of puzzles were actually made out of wood? Or were handcut?

Bob also has some puzzles for sale.

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