An instance of teenager driving

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Take a bunch of teenagers, a bunch of Lucky beer, and a mountain. And this is what you get:

Beer + Teenagers + Parking = FAIL

Drunk teenagers driving up Mount Maxwell on Salt Spring Island. They ‘announced’ their arrival by driving into/onto a boulder at the edge of the parking lot. Lovely, no?

Random fact: did you know that Cumberland, BC is the "Luckiest Town in Canada"? In 2002, Labatt gave this honor to Cumberland based on the incredible rate of consumption of this beer – it took up a whole wall of the local liquor store. [wiki] I lived in Royston at the time, right next to Cumberland. I have never consumed Lucky Beer.

On why Jack was bald

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You, like me, may have been wondering why Jack Nicholson appeared completely bald at the Oscars. Considering how much face time he got during broadcast, I am thinking everyone was curious.

Well, as you might have guessed, it was for a movie.

According to People, Jack is filming a Rob Reiner film called The Bucket List in which he stars as a terminal cancer patient trying to complete a list of goals before he dies.

And so now you know. :)

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I have been tagged!

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Sheila, one of my fabulous bloggers in b5, is the first to tag me, and since all of the b5 sites are currently down and I’m just sitting here, I’ll follow the rules and play:

The rules:

  1. Post a blog with your six weird habits/ things as well as the rules/ instructions;
  2. Add to your blog a list of your six victims to be tagged;
  3. Leave a comment for your six victims that says "You are tagged! Read my blog" (but you cannot tag the person who tagged you).

Six weird things you don’t know about me:

  1. I hate it when people touch my nose. Ianiv does it to bug me. Drives me bonkers.
  2. I won’t sing Happy Birthday. When I was in high school, I worked at McDonald’s and was the "party girl" for about 2 years, every weekend, hosting birthday parties up to 3 times a day. Happy Birthday is now an evil song that likes to get stuck in my head.
  3. If I have a song stuck in my head, I will walk to the beat of said song. Usually a nursery rhyme or children’s song, or something I heard on the radio. Never anything good.
  4. I hate working in silence. I have to have on music or the tv. I used to study, even in University, while watching tv. Something about letting part of my mind drift off and do something interesting…
  5. I want to write a book someday. I feel completely capable of the writing, just not yet the idea generation. I’ve always felt like I needed to "do more" first. After this week, maybe I’m getting there.
  6. I’ve always felt like being a teacher was not a fulfilling lifelong job, but I’ve come to realize that the passing on of knowledge is one of the most amazing gifts you can give, and it often gives more in return.

So, there I am. Now, whom to tag. I think I’ll tag Leora, Gloria, Grace, Boris, Christina and Jeremy. Sorry folks!

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My issues

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According to a little online test, here are my top 5 issues.

I have issues with…

Take Word Association Test

I think "issues" depend on your time to respond to the words. These ones I had the biggest delay on, and I can understand why.

What are yours?

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Word of the year: “Carbon Neutral”

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The New Oxford American Dictionary has announced the 2006 Word of the Year: "Carbon Neutral"

Being carbon neutral involves calculating your total climate-damaging carbon emissions (your "carbon footprint"), reducing them where possible, and then balancing your remaining emissions, often by purchasing a carbon offset: paying to plant new trees or investing in "green" technologies such as solar and wind power.

The rise of carbon neutral reflects the growing importance of the green movement in the United States. It’s more than a trend, it’s a movement, which is why the editors of the New Oxford American Dictionary have declared carbon neutral the word of the year for 2006. It will be added to the next update of the dictionary, due in early 2007.

Other words considered include community-supported agriculture (CSA), DRM, dwarf planet, elbow bump, fishapod, funner (dear G** my grammar insides are melting), Ghostriding, and Pregaming.

I think elbow bump should have got it:

elbow bump: a greeting in which two people touch elbows, recommended by the World Health Organization as an alternative to the handshake in order to reduce the spread of germs.

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Fact of the day: what is cool?

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How many meanings are there for "cool", let us count the ways…

  1. An aesthetic with varied meanings in popular culture.
  2. A relatively low temperature
  3. COOL, short for Classroom Object-Oriented Language
  4. An alternative name for Cumhail, a figure in Irish mythology
  5. "Cool" (song), a song performed by Gwen Stefani
  6. Cool TV (Central Europe), a Hungarian television channel
  7. Cool TV, a Canadian cable television channel
  8. Bindaas, Hindi equivalent-Slang
  9. Jhakaas, mostly used in Maharashtra, India slang

- Wikipedia

Anything missing? Suggestions?


Fact of the day: who invented Tylenol?

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Who invented Tylenol?

Tylenol [acetaminophen] was discovered by David W. Young, a graduate of Covington Latin School and the University of Kentucky, while working on chemical patents at Standard Oil of Ohio in Cleveland, Ohio. – Wikipedia

When acetaminophen was discovered, it was thought to be useless. Therefore, the patent went with no problem to David Young himself, rather than to the University employer. Sucks for them. Young later discovered its use and sold the patent to Johnson & Johnson, who marketed the drug as Tylenol in 1955, first to children, then to the widespread marketplace.

Tylenol is one of those brands that has become so household in nature that it has lost its brand value (in monetary terms) – the name becomes a common term for the drug and has little footing when it comes to brand name infringement.

Arieanna fact: I have consumed more than 500 Tylenol this year alone (moderate guess).

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