Arieanna Simpson

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I’ve been Simpsonized. Fun little program to turn yourself into a Simpsons character. They start with a recommended profile based on a picture, then you can customize it.

Saw the Simpsons movie this weekend. Wasn’t overly impressed. There were some funny parts, but in general I didn’t find it very funny. I suppose after many years, it’s hard to come up with new plot lines and jokes.

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Castle Wars

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Ianiv showed me a very silly addicting game last night called Castle Wars:

It’s a simple game you can play against the computer or with others online. The goal is to build your castle to 100 first or destroy your opponent’s castle. You are dealt cards for building, war, or sorcery and must play them according to your points. Good time waster of a game.

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My issues

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According to a little online test, here are my top 5 issues.

I have issues with…

Take Word Association Test

I think "issues" depend on your time to respond to the words. These ones I had the biggest delay on, and I can understand why.

What are yours?

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Heinz Designr

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Design your own Heinz label, and print it out for your next classy event. Wouldn’t this be great for a wedding kids party?

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Wedding ‘shoe game’ video

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This is a video clip from our wedding. In many Dutch weddings, at least those in my family, there is a ‘game’ portion to the reception. We chose to do the ‘shoe game’, which is basically a game where someone (here my mom) asks a series of questions, all of which can be answered by "Ianiv" or "Arieanna", and we have to answer by holding up the corresponding shoe.

Questions included "Who made the first move?", "Who was the cutest baby?", "Who’s the better cook?" and quite a few more.

We watched the video for the first time this week and practically fell over laughing. Whether you know us well or not, it’s a really funny look at married life ;)

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Be prepared to be addicted

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WEBoggle. We suck at it.

Ianiv & Arieanna Sims

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My gal pal Leora, and to-be bridesmaid, has created Sims of us that she plans to get married off as a fun little thing to celebrate our wedding.

Here is her start of Ianiv & Arieanna Sims, from our engagement photos as inspiration:

Not our best photo from the 300 engagement shots, however ;)

What do you think? Do we make good Sims?

If you like us, you can even download our Sim characters.

Thanks Leora!!

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