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We don’t regularly watch Mad Men on AMC (I like it more than Ianiv does), but I have to give them props for building buzz by creating an online app to MadMenYourself!


Aside from just how much people enjoy making themselves into tv characters (in this one, you choose a body, accessories, etc to make yourselves into a 60s Mad Men character), I’ll give AMC major props for the final process – the download screen has not just the standard wallpapers (above), but also download formats for Facebook and Twitter icons. SMART.

Discovery Channel ‘I Love the World’ Campaign

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For a few months, we’ve been inspired by a Discovery Channel video campaign, so today I decided to look it up and share it. The ‘I Love the World’ / ‘Boom De Ah Dah’ video, as shown below, was created in April 2008 after Discovery Channel changed their tagline to “The World is Just… Awesome.” A few versions of the videos were made, with altered visuals and lyrics. They all start off with two astronauts looking down on the world, inspired by a vision that never gets old, and break into song. Discovery Channel stars sing about what they consider awesome in the world. Then the whole world then joins in, singing along to the wonders they see:

After Discovery Channel created this inspiring video, which pays homage to its shows and to the world at large, fans were inspired and began making their own ‘I Love the World’ videos on YouTube. Discovery Channel created a playlist on their own website to highlight some of these great videos.

The original campaign was created by 72andSunny for Discovery Channel. It was directed by James Rouse, with further credits here.

And here’s an xkcd Boom De Yada mash-up that Ianiv is just crazy for:

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Future Shop Embraces Hub Concept

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We were recently invited (thanks Darren!) to the grand re-opening of the Future Shop in West Vancouver. The store was revamped to follow the new "hub" concept. Future Shop, which was bought by Best Buy in 2001, is currently Canada’s largest consumer electronics retailer (wiki).

The grand re-opening included a red carpet, a catered assortment of snacks, wine & even gift bags. Despite the untimely breakdown of the A/C it was a great event and a chance to look around the new store concept. Although the store is mostly the same, there are a few new changes. Primarily you notice this in layout – with sections spiraling off a central hub, and with the addition of the integrated Apple Store.

Future Shop 2.0

So, will this new store concept have a positive impact on the bottom line? It’s hard to say. I think for those people already shopping at Future Shop, it will improve the experience and offer more products. However, I’m not sure I’d be compelled to go to Future Shop vs Best Buy. And if I were in the market for a Mac, I’d shop at Apple. That said, I think having an integrated Apple Store will go a long way to upselling customers who are looking for laptops but have not pre-decided on a mac. 

Check out the reviews from some other Vancouver bloggers:

If I missed anyone, drop in your link!

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WALL•E Robot – Coming Soon

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In just 13 weeks, you can have your very own WALL•E remote-controlled robot. Disney has begun pre-sales of this new action figure. It can talk, dance, play music, follow you around (with obstacle avoidance sensors) and lets you create more than 1000 action sequence combinations. His eyes even light up and blink. The WALL•E robot has audio and motion sensors to mimic curiosity and responsiveness. He has real working treads and arms that can move & hands that can grib & rotate.

Play modes include Follow-U mode, Explore mode, Dance mode, MP3 Music mode and Program mode plus he has an interactive Talk Back feature

So cute!!

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Canada, the water – WTF?

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We were shopping at Whole Foods on Saturday and there was a huge display for "Canada, the water." Yes, bottled water is common, but this was blatantly directed to tourists – they even come in a special gift pack. And, if you spin the bottle around, the URL for the company is


The website notes that the company specializes in Private Label Water, so it’s some other company that has slapped on this "Canada" label. I’m curious if they’re even allowed to put the flag on the bottle in this manner.

What do you think?

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Ford Focus Makes Music

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I am not sure this commercial would entice me to buy a Ford model car, but it does make me quite proud of the creative team behind it. To whomever came up with the concept, and to the engineers and musicians to made it happen.

In the video, various car parts from the 2008 Ford Focus were made into musical instruments. And then played, orchestra style. The innovation behind a creation like that – amazing. (It’s not the first time this has been done – read here)

The ad was released earlier this year in the UK. Some info on the creative team:

  • Ad by Ogilvy & Mather (London)
  • Executive creative director Greg Burke
  • Art director Dom Sweeney
  • Music by Craig Richey
  • Sound by Bill Milbrodt (great interview here)

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Evan Biddell at Vidfest

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Project Runway Canada’s 2007 winner, Evan Biddell, came to Vancouver last week to sit on a panel about creativity for Vidfest.


Evan Biddell shared that very loud music is key to his creative process. He’ll listen to the same CD over and over, organizing his work flow around the beat. When he gets stuck, he’ll switch to a new CD. Sometimes that means abandoning a design idea, one that no longer fits the music.

At the end of the sessions, the audience was encouraged to ask the panel questions about their own work. One question was about how to differentiate an online lottery – Evan’s suggestion was web cam strip poker!

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