The Curious Case of Forrest Gump

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I am a huge fan of The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Brad Pitt’s latest movie. The film tells the story of a man who is born old and grows younger with time. It’s a love story, a story of life, and a story of finding yourself. However, a couple of people commented that the story was too much like Forrest Gump. Which I totally didn’t see.

However, the commonalities jumped out at enough people that a video was made about it! Here is, The Curious Case of Forrest Gump:

And yes, the movie is exactly the same, when put that way. ;)

Harry Potter & The Half-Blood Prince

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Awesomeness. Can’t wait. Check out the first trailer for the latest Harry Potter film, Harry Potter & The Half-Blood Prince. The movie based on JK Rowling’s 6th book will come out on November 21, 2008.

The last and final book, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, will be made into two movies instead of one, coming out in 2010 and 2011.

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WALL•E Robot – Coming Soon

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In just 13 weeks, you can have your very own WALL•E remote-controlled robot. Disney has begun pre-sales of this new action figure. It can talk, dance, play music, follow you around (with obstacle avoidance sensors) and lets you create more than 1000 action sequence combinations. His eyes even light up and blink. The WALL•E robot has audio and motion sensors to mimic curiosity and responsiveness. He has real working treads and arms that can move & hands that can grib & rotate.

Play modes include Follow-U mode, Explore mode, Dance mode, MP3 Music mode and Program mode plus he has an interactive Talk Back feature

So cute!!

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Stargate: an intro and some news

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Stargate SG-1 has been a staple in our house for some months. Particularly during the holidays, we have relied on Stargate SG-1 to entertain us. We came to know the series too late in the game, and thus decided to start from the beginning. We are now in Season 7 out of the 10 associated with SG-1 (Stargate SG-1 – The Complete Series Collection ). It has ranked up there as one of my all-time favorite shows. It is self-referential, witty in unexpected ways, sardonic, and the characters all have strong and believable personalities. Never get enough of the eyebrow arch or the "indeed" from Teal’c.

Stargate SG-1 (filmed in Vancouver) chronicles 1997-2007 and a spinoff show, Stargate Atlantis, covers 2004-2014 (we haven’t even started on these). In March of this year, an SG-1 film, entitled ‘Stargate – The Ark of Truth’ will be released to DVD (preorder available). At least one other SG-1 film, ‘Stargate: Continuum’, is scheduled.

However, this is not the end. Ianiv poked around Wikipedia and found that a third Stargate television series is expected:

Stargate Universe is the working title for a third Stargate series which is currently in development. According to producer Robert C. Cooper, the concept will revolve around the ninth chevron on the Stargate. It is on track to premiere in 2008.

Of course, this is not new news. But it is new to us, as we’re still exploring the Stargate universe. And it’s exciting. We absolutely love the show. Here are some of our favorite quotes:

  • Jack O’Neill asks Teal’c which hockey team he supports, to which Teal’c replies: "I believe the Canucks of Vancouver are formidable warriors"
  • Jack O’Neill whines that the SGC won’t accept his name for the new ship, to which Carter replies: "Yeah, sir, we can’t call it the Enterprise."
  • Disturbed to see Teal’c, a native says: "He is Jaffa." to which O’Neill replies:
    "No, but he plays one on TV."

The comedy comes out in ways you just can’t always capture by quote. It’s subtle. Like Major Carter humming the SG-1 theme song. The subtle hat tips to Vancouver. Teal’c’s facial expressions. For those of you who’ve seen the show, you’ll know what we mean.

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New Apple Claymation

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The latest Apple commercial is a Christmas-themed spoof of one of my all-time favorite Christmas movies: the Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer Claymation from The Original Christmas Classics.

In the 1964 Christmas story features an outcast reindeer and wanna-be dentist elf who run away together – run into the Abominable Snowman, find an island of misfit toys, to which Rudolph eventually leads the way for Santa’s sleigh.

In the Mac spoof, a desperate PC bastardizes the holiday classic, "Santa Claus is Coming to Town" to encourage people to buy a PC and not a Mac – to which the Mac and Santa look on disapprovingly. Though it’s not a story spoof, it’s incredibly clear where the inspiration for these characters came from!

The Apple: Get a Mac Santa Ad is shown below:

The classics DVD features Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, Santa Claus Is Comin’ to Town, Frosty the Snowman, Frosty Returns, Mr. Magoo’s Christmas Carol, Little Drummer Boy, Cricket on the Hearth)

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Barcamp Contest: Win an HD-DVD

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The Bourne SuprermacyI’m going to be giving a way an HD-DVD of The Bourne Supremacy at Barcamp on Saturday. To decide who wins it we are going to have a contest. It’s simple: make a video of your best Matt Damon impression, upload it to YouTube or your favorite video site and send me an email ( telling me where to find it. If you don’t have the tools or know-how to make the video, don’t despair, I can help you make one on Saturday during Barcamp.

I will be posting them on this blog and at the end of the day we can all vote on them. Whoever gets the most votes from the audience, wins the movie.

The only other rule is that you MUST be at Barcamp on Saturday.

Have fun and see you on Saturday!

Arieanna Simpson

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I’ve been Simpsonized. Fun little program to turn yourself into a Simpsons character. They start with a recommended profile based on a picture, then you can customize it.

Saw the Simpsons movie this weekend. Wasn’t overly impressed. There were some funny parts, but in general I didn’t find it very funny. I suppose after many years, it’s hard to come up with new plot lines and jokes.

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