Harry Potter tonight

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We took a walk today for that free Slurpee and to prebuy our tickets for tonight’s opening of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

The one bonus of living in North Vancouver is that, though the theatres are not quite as posh, you don’t need to arrive insanely early for movie premieres. That said, I think we’re planning to give 1-1.5 hours so we can get good seats. It’s a nice walk from here, not too far, so we’ll be able to enjoy much more of the sunshine. And I am so excited about the movie. I’ve been disappointed before – particularly with the third movie, which is my favorite book – but I’ve got my fingers crossed that this one will be good.

Who else is going tonight? And will HP beat the record that Transformers set?

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Transformers Review

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Went to see Transformers on Friday. Wicked movie. Far better than I expected. I didn’t go in knowing much – I don’t remember the show – so I was quite happy with it just as a great action movie. Ianiv said it was a bit cheesy, but I didn’t mind that. I thought it was very well made and even quite funny, and was very impressed with Shia LaBeouf.

I tend to notice really small details about things. And there were a few really small details that just bugged the heck out of me in Transformers. Some bits about it I just don’t get or that really annoy me (don’t read if you don’t want to be spoiled). 

  • How come Transformers are male? If created from raw material by the AllSpark, and they cannot mate, wouldn’t they be androgynous?
  • If the AllSpark creates Transformers out of Earth electronics, why by default are they all evil? We are led to believe that Megatron and his crew became evil and thus I would think all new Transformers would be good guys
  • Would you seriously make out on your friend, with all your other friends watching?
  • The satellite coverage of the Decepticon on Mars had a similar "body shape" to the one on Earth, but on Earth, the Transformers take on robotic forms that are malleable into their car/plane forms. So, this would not be true.
  • If you were able to take on the shape of any Earth vehicle, wouldn’t you "upgrade" when you saw something better?
  • How come Optimus Prime had clean windshields as a car, but messy ones with the wiper half up as a Transformer?

Ok, small details, but I notice them. I always do. What do you think?

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Pirates knocked up Shrek?

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Well, you learn something new every day ;)

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Spidey 3 – did you like it?

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We saw Spiderman 3 on Saturday. I was kinda ‘meh’ over the whole thing. The first one was cool. The second not so much. This one was maybe better than the 2nd, but it was not outstanding.

I did enjoy the corny scenes of the pimped-up Spidey, but really… not such a huge thing. The plot took for-ever. It seemed entirely too drawn out. The effects were pretty good, I’ll admit that. But I didn’t leave the theatre with the "OMG, that was SO great" kind of feeling.

And yet, it’s leading at the box office. Go figure.

What did you think?

On another note, in terms of movies making it to their 3rd edition, I am actually really excited about Shrek 3. Who couldn’t be? It’s hilarious! I hope they have good bonus song scenes at the end. And the gingerbread man pooping out the jellybean when he was scared – priceless!

Here are the trailers for Shrek 3:

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You have to see ‘Hot Fuzz’!!

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On Saturday we went to watch ‘Hot Fuzz‘. Now, I had pretty low expectations for the movie. I mean, ‘Shaun of the Dead’ was just a classic and quite funny, but also blatantly silly.

Hot Fuzz – I haven’t laughed so hard in a long time. The plot is nothing special, but the characters! SO good! The pop culture references are great, but all through the movie you build up a bunch of random knowledge that, in the end, comes together in the most funny ways. The last half hour of the movie is the best, by far.

A lot of comic tension kept building in the theater. We’d laugh and laugh, but there is one scene that, at the end, you just see coming, and everyone just burst out laughing and clapping. An amazing reception.

Check out the trailer:

For those of you who have seen it, you should check out their website.

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Oscars impact on movie sales

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Usually the Oscars will peak up movie ticket sales – most movies nominated are still in theatres, either on first run or second run. And some are transitional – neither in theatre nor DVD. Unfortunately, movies that come out early in the year often get overlooked for the buzz of movies that come out closer to Oscar nomination time.

However, in some cases, those movies have made their way to DVD all within the span of a year. And Little Miss Sunshine is one of those. Just casually jumping up the buzz about their little DVD before Oscar nomination time, I would add.

A movie that will make you think, but mostly make you laugh yourself silly, Little Miss Sunshine has been nominated for Best Picture for this year’s Academy Awards. According to one article, this could result in a huge DVD sales spike:

"Little Miss Sunshine" is one of five best picture Oscar nominees, but the only one currently available on DVD. That puts the film, which was released on DVD in December, in the enviable position of potentially realizing a significant sales boost from all the
Academy Awards buzz.

"The Oscar bump traditionally happens at the box office, but we are looking for the results at cash registers," said Steve Feldstein, senior vp corporate and marketing communications at 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment.

Accordingly, on Tuesday, the day the Oscar nominations were announced, Fox sent a note to journalists headlined "Little Best Picture," which trumpeted the fact that the comedy — about a quirky family on a quest to have their daughter win the Little Miss Sunshine beauty pageant — is the only best picture nominee already out on DVD.

Immediately after the nomination was announced, Little Miss Sunshine DVD sales went up 200%. Will be interesting to see how this continues as we get closer to the Oscars, and how, if the movie wins Best Picture, that translates into sales.

I am not sure, of the five nominations for Best Picture (Babel, The Departed, Letters from Iwo Jima, The Queen), I’d place Little Miss Sunshine as #1, but it’s a strong contender. I am a little miffed that neither of my two favorite films of the year got the nomination, though.

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Magnum PI Movie

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Would you go watch a Magnum P.I. movie that didn’t star Tom Selleck? Could it even be Magnum P.I. without him? Ianiv thinks there was really never any plot to Magnum. I am not so sure. There was action and mystery and great characters. For sure that could be a movie.

Who are they thinking of casting for Magnum? Matthew McConaughey – one-time sexiest man on earth, sometime hobo-looking guy. Sexiest hobo perhaps?

Um, perhaps I should back up even more: See, Hollywood has been attempting to bring the TV show Magnum P.I. to the big screen for quite awhile now, with folks like Ben Affleck, George Clooney and Vince Vaughn circling the project at one point. Needless to say, none of you liked those choices — in fact, the Clooney rumor really pissed people off. Shut it down. Turn it off. Months go by … and, now, here comes Matthew McConaughey to save the day. America’s number one stud and the perfect (in my opinion) choice to take over a role owned and originated by the ultra cool Tom Selleck. – Cinematical

At least he looks good in shorts

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