BC Festival 150 Experience

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As you know from following our live tweets & photos, we spent the weekend in Victoria for BC Festival 150, a celebration of British Columbia’s 150th Birthday which included a series of free concerts. People lined up early in the morning to get good positions for the live concerts, and over 106,000 people packed the streets of downtown Victoria for the main stage concerts on Monday. 

Duane & I arrived in Victoria Sunday morning, with Ianiv arriving later that afternoon. On Sunday night we scored media passes for the Splash Symphony presentation, and were invited onto the barge to take some photos. It wasn’t the best photography set-up, but it was fun to be behind-the-scenes of the concert.

The three of us spent most of Monday parked in front of the main stage taking photos or listening to the free concerts. The artist lineup included Burt Cummings, Dal Richards & Guests, Colin James, Sarah McLachlan & Feist, among others. We arrived early in the morning and were the only photographers there during Sarah McLachlan’s sound check, where she performed parts of various songs (some of which she did not perform later, so that was a treat).

Sarah McLachlan was the highlight of the day. The light was great for her set, so photos were great, but just listening to her was a treat. She stood alone on the stage, singing and alternately playing the piano or guitar. She has a strong, confident voice that carries so much emotion. An amazing amazing performer.

Feist was the last artist of the day, doing her full tour performance for an hour and a half. Her style was definitely alternative, and I am not as familiar with all of her music. Her concert was as much visual as it was musical, incorporating shadow panels, finger painting art projections, props and her own incorporation of looping audio snippets. She’s a very interesting artist to watch, and very talented. A strong and distinctive voice and a humble individual.

To the Junos & Back

Two of the artists, Alex Cuba and Feist, won Juno Awards this year. It was great to come full circle and to see them performing live.

We haven’t yet uploaded the video segments from our weekend trip, so stay tuned for those.

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Feist Counts to 4 on Sesame Street

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There’s a lot of buzz going around the web for Feist’s appearance on Sesame Street and her remix of her hit song "1234" to be a counting song on the kids’ show. The remix features Feist singing and dancing with the muppets. Backstage at the Juno Awards, Feist says that the Sesame Street remix of "1234" was refreshing for her.

Feist made her apperance on Sesame Street in the 39th season of the show. Shows to appear on this season of the show include Jessica Alba, David Beckham and Heidi Klum. The Feist episode will air on August 11th.

Other upcoming parodies of pop culture include "30 Rocks", "Pre-School Musical", and "Are You Smarter Than an Egg Layer?"

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New Music West 2008

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You probably have already read our interesting experience at the Red Room for New Music West 2008, but we haven’t talked much about our experience for the rest of the festival.

On our first night of the festival we went to The Media Club and stayed for Elias, Carmen and Camille and a little bit of Sweetheart. I was keen to be there to take photos of Carmen and Camille, who appeared on an episode of MTV’s The Hills. I ended up enjoying their music and that of Elias, though found Sweetheart too harsh for my tastes. 

On Thursday, as mentioned previously, we went to the Red Room with Duane and Rebecca to hear Armchair Cynics play, but also listened to the earlier performances of Jessie Farrel and Aaron Pritchett. Although I’m not a country music fan, I did enjoy their performances. I was not as impressed with the new music from Armchair Cynics, as it deviated quite a bit from the style we’d come to enjoy on their earlier CD.

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The one about the Red Room and the glass of water

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Last night we got together with Rebecca and Duane to listen to some of the New Music West bands. We decided to go to the Red Room ad got there in time for Jessie Farrell and Aaron Pritchett. I’m not really a fan of country music and in general try to avoid it, but it’s always fun to listen to live music and we had a pretty good time.

However, the venue left us very disappointed. Since I was driving, I was not drinking any alcohol; so when I got thirsty, I went to the bar and asked for a glass of water. The conversation went something like:

- Hi! Can I get a glass of water please?
- It’s $4.25
- (The music was loud so I thought she couldn’t hear me well) Oh, no, I just want water.
- You have to pay for it?
- For tap water?
- Yes, we only serve water to people who are buying drinks.
- What? But I’m the designated driver and all my friends are drinking. Why can’t I just get some tap water?
- Our manager tells us that is the rule.
- So now I have to go drink water from the bathroom sink?

I have to say I was very surprised and a little pissed off. I kept trying to reason with her and then a bouncer showed up and we argued a little more. I didn’t want to get kicked out just because I wanted to drink water so I went back to my table. Although it would’ve been a lot more interesting to be kicked out of a club that reason.

This no free water rule is extremely stupid. I’m being a responsible person driving my friends to a club so that they can drink to their hearts content (and if you know Duane, you know he has a BIG heart ;) ). I’m enabling them to drink and spend money, but The Red Room is too cheap to give me some tap water, which costs them nothing. Instead they want to charge me $4.25 for a 500ml bottle of water, which is probably tap water to begin with. Contrast this to what Raul says bars do in Mexico.

Any other bar I’ve been they will give you water and some still even give you a free pop, but the Red Room managers want to milk their customers for all they are worth. Someone else wrote about a similar experience they had there, which includes an actual conversation with a very rude manager who doesn’t think his customers have the right to drink water unless they pay for it. He even asked them to leave the bar.

So, I probably wont be heading back anytime soon.

Anyway, here are some photos from last night:

Jessie Farrell



Aaron Pritchett

New Music West starts next week

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New Music West is a music event that showcases new artists and music over 5 days in venues around Vancouver. This year it is happening from May 14 to 18 and features over 250 international and Canadian artists.

You can get a wristband for only $30 that lets you in to all the concerts in all the venues, so you can pick which bands you want to see and go bar-hopping every night without having to pay anything more.

Yesterday there was a press conference and we got a sneak peek at three of the artists that will be playing at the event.


Lindsay May
Lindsay May

Aaron Nazrul
Aaron Nazrul

So go pick some bands from the schedule. And come say hi if you see us next week at New Music West.

Heading to Juno Awards 2008

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I am currently sitting in the Vancouver airport about to fly into Calgary for the Juno Awards 2008 to meet up with my b5 co-worker, Jeanne Dupuis, who heads up Celebrities (while I head Entertainment). Together we’ll be taking photos, interviewing, and providing coverage of all the events of the next few days.

All our live coverage will appear on MediaScribbler, a new Entertainment site launched to cover industry news (including awards). Photos will go up on Flickr here.

For more about the events of this weekend, check out the Juno’s website.

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New Year’s Resolution Song

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‘Rhett and Link’ have put together a music video encouraging us to drop all the New Years resolutions we won’t keep – quite funny.

Happy 2008!

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