What would Bush do?

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Funny flowchart of George W. Bush’s decision making process.

Or check out this one comparing science with faith:

Death central to dramatic television

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I thought more about my question last night, about how much shows are anticipating the death of their characters and made a further leap. Not only do we anticipate the moments of death on dramatic television, but are in fact watching shows about death. Death is not just a climactic moment but is a central tenet to most shows. 

Here are the following ‘dramatic’ shows on tv right now, based on tv.com, organized into subject category.

Crime Investigation
hows that investigate or are otherwise legally involved in death or violent crime

  • CSI (Miami, Vegas & NY)
  • Law & Order SVU
  • Bones
  • Criminal Minds
  • Missing
  • Medium
  • Ghost Whisperer
  • Monk
  • Justice
  • Crossing Jordan
  • Boston Legal

shows that deal with the sick/dying and the hospital environment

  • House
  • ER
  • Scrubs (comedy/drama)
  • Grey’s Anatomy
  • Nip/Tuck

shows that are about politics, or situations highly political, with death imminent to many

  • Jericho (nuclear bombs)
  • 24 (nuclear bombs and political assassination)
  • Prison Break (death row)
  • Vanished
  • The Nine (bank robbery)
  • The Unit (undercover operations)

shows that infuse characters with special abilities and/or are sci fi dramatic in nature

  • Heroes (avoiding nuclear disaster)
  • Lost (plane crash, threat of death from ‘Others’, island)
  • Supernatural

Comedy drama (non death)
shows which focus on comedy

  • Gilmore Girls (only recently repositioned from Comedy)
  • Studio 60 (to be canned)
  • Ugly Betty
  • Men in Trees
  • The Office

Place based drama (non death)
shows with a focus based on a specific set of people in one area

  • Smallville (supernatural, but not specifically about death, minus Lex Luther of course)
  • One Tree Hill
  • The OC (cancelled)
  • Desperate Housewives (although there is a fair amount of killing)
  • 7th Heaven (cancelled)
  • Six Degrees
  • Veronica Mars
  • Brothers & Sisters

Of the 40 Dramatic Television shows currently identified to be on tv, as above, 27 of them are concerned with, as primary subject matter, death & killing. That’s a 60% focus on death. Of those shows focused on death, 13 of them, in fact, are connected with investigations of severe crimes & murders. As disturbing are the shows that deal not just with individual deaths but widespread disaster – Jericho, 24.

I would previously define a dramatic television show as one which focuses on the daily lives of a certain set of people. However, now I would say that it’s not just about the lives of those people anymore, but also their involvement in serious crimes and/or environments of the sick & dying. If we did an analysis of blockbuster dramatic movies, I think we would see the same results.

Although our connection to the subject matter – death – may not be surface to our mind because of the characters involved, it is clear from above that characters who deal with death are more interesting to us. Whether we are aware of it, our culture prizes the entertainment factor of death.

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People dying all over tv

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It’s been a fatal week in television land. What with Meredith on Grey’s (sorta), Simone on Heroes, and potentially Studio 60 altogether.

This year, a lot of the ‘hot’ shows have been following the same schedule for Winter/Spring, almost week for week. So, it shouldn’t be altogether surprising that they go for the death meme at the same time.

From what I know of the tv spoilers to come, we’ve not seen the last of it for the season on these shows and many others.

I have not paid over much attention in the past to dramatic tv’s use of character death. It seems that the anticipation of a death, or of multiple deaths, is crucial to many shows on right now, and perhaps that’s a little disturbing. We wait weeks or months to know ‘who will die’ and are excited by who will die next.

Is this anticipation of death the norm on dramatic tv now? Any insight from previous dramas?

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I recently got an email from Flickr explaining that I will have to start using a Yahoo account instead of the old Flickr credentials I’ve been using for a couple of years:

On March 15th we’ll be discontinuing the old email-based Flickr sign in system. From that point on, everyone will have to use a Yahoo! ID to sign in to Flickr.

Bruce Sterling got the same email, and he wrote a response that reflects some of my feelings about this:

I’m an old-skool member for old-skool reasons. The fact that you don’t mention those reasons in this oleaginous piece of PR is alarming. What, I’m supposed to do this because “ninety-five percent” of the other kids play nicely? Come on. A peer-pressure argument, that’s what’s in it for me? If ninety-five percent of the other Flickreenos sold out to Big Brother, would you pinch your nose and jump right into the cesspool, too?

Read the whole letter here.

‘Don’t email me. I don’t care’

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What a statement for a journalist to make. This is a huge rant published by Joel Stein on the LA Times website. The essence: he does not want anything to do with community. He wants a one-way dialogue, nothing more.

Here’s what my Internet-fearing editors have failed to understand: I don’t want to talk to you; I want to talk at you. A column is not my attempt to engage in a conversation with you. I have more than enough people to converse with. And I don’t listen to them either. That sound on the phone, Mom, is me typing…

I get that you have opinions you want to share. That’s great. You’re the Person of the Year. I just don’t have any interest in them. First of all, I did a tiny bit of research for my column, so I’m already familiar with your brilliant argument. Second, I’ve already written my column, so I can’t even steal your ideas and get paid for them.

The point is not that Joel should write back to any of the comments, but that he use the feedback to learn and develop his own ideas.

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Top 10 Christmas Movies from Blogaholics

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1. The Santa Clause movies… The Santa Clause & The Santa Clause 2 – The Mrs. Clause. I love them! So looking forward to the third one. Of course, to get the full experience, you have to watch them back to back.

2. Miracle on 34th Street (new) & Miracle on 34th Street (old) – such a heartwarming story! I watch this every year. Absolutely every year. I like the new one because Mara Wilson makes the cutest little kid ever. Adorable.

3. National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation - Ah, the Griswolds. Chevy Chase is a classic in this movie. I’m not a big National Lampoon’s fans for the other movies, but this one! Every year I continue to enjoy it. Oh, the cat! And getting caught in the attic!

4. The Grinch (new) Dr. Seuss – How the Grinch Stole Christmas/Horton Hears a Who (old) – Jim Carrey won me over here, more than in any other movie. He just was the grinch. Whoville is cute to the point of cutesy sickness. ;)

5. The Polar Express – Now, I will admit it wasn’t as great as I expected it to be. But the story is still very cute, and not like your traditional Christmas movie.

6. Elf - shot here in Vancouver! Plus, my friend Eugene’s dad is an extra in the movie, so that’s pretty cool. Will Ferrell is hilarious though.

7. Prancer – Not many people actually remember this movie, but it’s an endearing story about a young girl who finds an injured reindeer and wants to return it to Santa. There is a sequel to it as well, Prancer Returns, but I don’t recall that one. OOOH, the first one is actually on TV tonight. Good timing!

8. Home Alone – Yeah, I know this is not so much a Christmas movie, but it is set at Christmas and does revolve around the Christmas holidays. I think the first is a classic, but am not as fond of the others (Home Alone 2 – Lost in New York & Home Alone 3)

9. The Original Television Christmas Classics - this is the first movie I ever remember about Christmas. I remember watching it when I was really little. It comes with all the classic stories: Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, Santa Claus Is Comin’ to Town, Frosty the Snowman, Frosty Returns, The Little Drummer Boy. The Rudolph story is the only one I remember – a reindeer being ousted from his play fellows because his nose glows red finds a misfit elf – together they run into the Abominable snowman then later save Christmas. The story is really great.

10. The last one I’ll slip in. Most people consider it as intriguing as It’s a Wonderful Life… Myself, I’m not that hot on it. The movie in question is A Christmas Story.… I actually find it rather annoying! But to each their own.

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GooTube or GoogTube

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Now, this is the first time I’ve ever seen a dissention among geeks about what to call a tech takeover meme. Usually it just kind of appears and takes over everywhere.

Not this time. We have a war between the GooTube’s and the GoogTube’s. 638 vs. 191 on Technorati. And yet, if you do a Google Fight, GooTube has only 51,500 results compared to GoogTube’s 255,000.

I am thinking GoogTube has been around longer, but I really want to put a stop to the fight for merged term and just ask this simple question:

Which one sounds better?

GoogTube is really not as nice sounding as GooTube, now is it?

Granted, one has more of the "goo" picture to it, which might be a bit negative, but the additional "g" next to the "t" just sounds silly.

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