The CBC will offer more podcasts

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Tod Maffin tells us that the CBC will be expanding their podcast offering in the near future. They’ve been running a pilot program with three podcasts for a while and I hope that they include some classical music programs.

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Santa is podcasting

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Apparently, Santa is into podcasting. And has a blog! With interesting stories such as the Roadmap and the Holiday Feast

The creativity just blows me a way. Really beautiful.


If you are a Christmas freak, like me, this will bring you a lot of enjoyment.

Via Micro Persuasion

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Blogaholics Podcast at the beach

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Ianiv & I got out another podcast today – we sat at the beach for the majority of it. Talked about books and SciFi and then threw in some good music.

Enjoy. And don’t forget to subscribe to the Blogaholics Podcast feed.

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Eric Rice’s Podcast Roadshow: Vancouver, B.C.

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A few weeks ago Eric Rice came to Vancouver as part of his Podcast Roadshow. We met him at the Bryght office downtown and then went for a blogwalk/tour of downtown Vancouver and he took his video camera along. Today he has posted the result, go check it out.

Canadian Professional Blogging Podcast #3: Event Blogging Tips

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So, as all of my readers here at Blogaholics have noticed, I went all out event blogging Gnomedex. It’s something I absolutely love to do.

Tris & I thought we would share some event blogging tips with everyone. We both approach it a little differently, but there are some simple tips you can follow to get out both quality and quantity with your posts. Preparation and fast typing are only part of the picture. One of the hardest parts is actually remembering to type when you are enjoying the speaker.

But, tune in for all the tips we share. Feel free to leave any comments you have about your own event blogging experiences. Fun? Hard? Tiring?


Canadian Professional Blogging Podcast #3

15.3 MB 16 mins 48 sec

Show notes on Qumana blog

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Podcast gear

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So, Ianiv & I are going to take up podcasting on a higher level. I’ve been doing some podcasts with Tris (recorded a new episode last night), but want to do more. And of more variety.

So, we’d love your in put on what to get. We’re ok mixing wise. Garageband or whatnot.

But we need gear. Good but inexpensive gear.

We’ll start out with whatever we can use between us two inside. Next, I’d like to be able to do outdoor walkabouts. Both by myself and with Ianiv.

Any advice?

Adam Curry – Gnomedex keynote continued

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The power of subscription will change media.

Stay tuned is not relevant anymore. Just stay subscribed. Pull not push.

One click subscription. Let’s do it now.

People are ready for the revolution. Let’s make it easy.

Metadata. Address bandwidth.

Support and implement bittorrent.

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Tools for podcasting and other media are the same for amateurs as for pros. The distribution is there. Sales model is there. But the media industry has the power of promotion through radio. Radio is being packaged up a bit, so that’s diminishing. But it’s not like DJs go crazy for bands anymore. The passion is just gone.

Podcasting can promo music now. Use it in the podcast. Refer to the band. They sell CDs. And keep the profit. We’re all for that. And Curry is all for that. He switches up the music. And people buy it. Great message.

Here is the message. We’re taking back our media to its roots in the hearts and minds of people through the power of subscription.

Great to be a part of the podcast. Thanks Adam.

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