Those darn .ca domain names

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So, we’re a .ca domain name. So far, it has only meant people have to remember our domain name or they can Google us. There is no conflicting .com (it’s being squatted).

But yesterday I was talking to a friend and we came across a really hilarious mix up.

We were trying to figure out where to go for dinner. He pulled out the new Food Guide from Vancouver Magazine and suggested Delilahs.

This is what the magazine pointed to… this is what we should have gone to.

The owners must be furious.

Nyala Restaurant

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We had dinner last night at Nyala, this great little Ethiopian place in Kitsilano. We had the vegetarian buffet for $10.50 each. Very worth it. Very good food. But, don’t expect anything much of the service. Some tips:

1. buffet is good, you can serve yourself
2. if you want water, you had better ask for the pitcher cause a refill is not likely to come your way

Worth the food – amazing. You don’t even, technically, need to use utensils.

Raviolino Gourmet Pasta & Food

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If you live in Kitsilano or are around for the day, I highly suggest you stop by Raviolino. It’s a great gourmet pasta joint near 4th and Macdonald. They make really amazing canneloni. Mmmm.

I am more than convinced that if this lovely spot were just a handful of blocks East, closer to Safeway and Capers, it would be packed all day long. Unfortunately, as it is, the lovely spot may go to waste. I really encourage you to support this great food treasure by going there and spreading the great food with your friends.

Raviolino is family run by a really amazing group of people. Maria Frasca, from Peru, and husband Giuseppe, from Italy, make everyting from scratch. Yes, the pasta is from scratch. You can watch them doing it when you go in. They are a really friendly couple, more than willing to teach you a little about how to prepare a great dish for your family and friends. They will set you up with everything you need for a meal for one, two, or a big dinner party. You order just what you need, so nothing ever goes to waste.

I have to say I love the pasta sauces. I have had fresh pasta sauce from Granville island too, but I far prefer Raviolino.

The restaurant portion is open for lunch and some dinners (I believe), but what is really great about them is the huge variety of food you can get there to take home for your dinner or to stock up your cupboards.

The menu includes:

Fresh agnolotti filled with chicken and roasted garlic
Mezzaluna in a wide variety
Lasagna in veggie, meat or seafood
Tons of regular pastas
Pastries and goodies

Restaurant Review – Provence Marinaside

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Provence Marinaside
arieanna & ianiv both give it **** (4/4 stars)

Dine Out event #2 was with friends to Provence Marinaside. Wow did I ever get more than I expected! Again we all dined for $25. The view was amazing – right on the seawall in Yaletown. A great decor – really warm feeling and just the right lighting. I relaxed the instant we sat down. Our server was fabulous – he never intruded but we were never lacking in good service and he had a quietness about him that didn’t make him seem pushy like some servers can.

Since Provence was nice enough to have a website that works, here is the menu we dined on:

Tapenade and Crostini
one choice from our showcase
Mushroom and Goat Cheese Tartlette
oven roasted mushroom and goat cheese puff pastry tartlette, mixed greens and organic extra virgin olive oil
Daube de BÅ“uf
red wine beef ragout
baby carrots, chickpea flour cakes
Citrus Infused Red Snapper
potato crusted, citrus infused snapper
snap peas, roasted cherry tomatoes
Choice from our menu

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Restaurant Review – Aqua Riva

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Aqua Riva
arieanna & ianiv both give it *** (3/4 stars)

We had dinner at Aqua Riva (supposed to be at as a part of Vancouver’s annual Dine Out event. This is one of Vancouver’s more pricey restaruants, and most difinitively catering to tourists it would seem. Being right on the Vancouver harbour by Canada Place and the main hotels downtown, it has a great waterfront view. Its decor was impressive but rather overdone. Our server was attentive to the point of being nosy – my plate was gone almost before I had put down my fork. But that was perhaps to be expected during the crazy Dine Out event.

Anyway, we all ate for $25 a head. Three course meal with a choice of 3 or 4 options for each course. Bread was served with butter and a salsa.
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