Tinsel Tape

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This tinsel tape is advertised for use on parcels – a little extra splash of festivity during the Holidays. But I say, why stop there? Use it on your gifts too in place of ribbon!

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Whatever Clock

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What time is it? Time to not care! Whatever Wall Clock from Wrapables.

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WaterDog automatic fountain

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The HomeDepot newsletter today had a great pet-lovers product feature. The Waterdog Automatic Outdoor Pet Drinking Fountain from Contech Electronics. Simply attach to an outdoor faucet and adjust to the height of your dog. WaterDog’s sonar proximity sensors will turn the water on when your dog is near, so there is always fresh cold water to drink.

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Creepy Teddy Bear

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Ok, I’ve seen some seriously messed up and evil looking teddy bears out this. But this one just ups the creepiness scale.

Designed by Philippe Starck, it’s called the TeddyBearBand. Cute name and perhaps cute concept. But I think it would freak me out as a kid to see a bear with a bunny for a hand and a dog for a foot.

Philippe Starck: “In my opinion, an overabundance of toys fosters infidelity. Instead of forming a lasting attachment to one toy, the child flits ever faster from one to another, the greater the number of toys, the more frantic the pace. There is no reason that, later on, he or she should treat people, a friend or a lover any differently. As an advocate of the one-true-love approach, I dreamt of a single toy that would serve as an apprenticeship for the lasting human relationships that await our children. A surreal toy, TeddyBearBand stimulates the imagination, considerabily more than any mere plush bear. It removes love and friendship from the realm of disposable emotions”.

That’s all very good and dandy. But this is more a social commentary and if reductionism is the key, simply buy one far less creepy bear. The bear is not the solution in an of itself. No?

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Therapeutica Pillow

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I have continued my pillow saga to a new frontier – the Therapeutica Pillow is my latest acquisition.

The down pillow served me well. It was the only pillow which allowed my head to sink down far enough to release strain on my neck. But it had no support whatsoever. After two recent incidents of waking up with a twisted/tilted head (quite literally) I decided enough was enough.

Dr. Foran recommended a new type of pillow. The Therapuetica Pillow, which is made in Canada. 

Yes, it looks crazy. The side portions are raised for side sleeping – higher than traditional so you don’t slouch your shoulders or neck. Also has cavities to ensure the jaw relaxes. The centre is contoured for back sleeping. The wedge bit is a different support from other foam pillows with the roll formation, to gently lift the neck but not strain it.

It feels weird. Slightly hard to get used to in terms of positioning. But once I’m asleep, I’m asleep. And without pain. So though I may find it uncomfortable, it is not painful. Something I cannot say for the other half dozen pillows I have tried.

I am confident I am doing something good for my neck by sleeping correctly. I am hesitant to sleep on my side still, since my last 10 minute side snooze on the old pillow caused me to go off balance by 33lbs, but my initial testing of the side sections was comfortable. Perhaps some day when my muscles are not quite so weak I’ll give side sleeping a shot.

I am tempted to also get the travel pillow, which is a mini version with only the back sleeping portion. And heavy travelers might want to consider the commuter pillow.

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USB heating blanket

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For those of us tied to our computers with an umbilical usb cord, this just fits right in. A cozy little blanket, powered by your computer. From brando.

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Oooh, I wanna wear dog fur!

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Yeah, not so much. I know you can weave certain dog hair (like Husky hair, for example), but I still don’t wanna wear it.

Today on CNN it was revealed that most "faux fur" is not so faux. It’s just dog. And a label does not have to say that if the price is less than $150.

Many fur or fur-trimmed jackets sold in the United States as having "faux fur" — or not labeled at all — are actually made, at least in part, from dog fur, the Humane Society of the United States said at a Capitol Hill news conference Wednesday.

Out of 25 jackets that it tested, the group said, 24 were incorrectly labeled. In many cases, it said, tests showed the fur came from raccoon dogs, a fox-like nocturnal residents of Asian and northern European forests that bear a remarkable resemblance to raccoons.

The Humane Society is working to make labels a requirement and to ban the import of dog/cat fur products. I think I’ll just avoid fur and faux fur altogether.

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