New Qumana release

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Qumana has a new release out (3.0.0-b4) which Ianiv has been working a ton on. Of course, there was that month lapse when we took our honeymoon, but it’s a big step up from our last beta release.

For me, I am one happy blogger. Aside from nipping some bugs in the butt, we made some big changes that save me a ton of time and effort.

  1. Advance posting (a HUGE feature that I have been dying for)
  2. Font formatting
  3. Strikethrough button
  4. YouTube support (now works with ‘embed’)
  5. Post status changes (in footer and buttons whether ‘Draft’ or ‘Last Published’)
  6. WYSIWYG image positioning (see below)

Read more here…

You can download the latest here. As always, it’s for PC and Mac.

We have big plans for the rest of the summer for Qumana development. Of course, starting on those plans now needs to wait till after Ianiv gets a new computer and we get back from Gnomedex. Ah, the unexpected ;)

*big pat on the back* for my hubby and all  his hard work on Qumana.

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Google Browser Sync problems

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Last week Google released a Firefox extension that allows you to store your settings, bookmarks, browsing history, etc. on Google’s servers and synchronize all this information on all the computers you work on. Since I work on only one computer the synchronization thing doesn’t do much for me, but I thought it would be a great way of automatically backing up my bookmarks.

So I installed it and for a few days it was all working ok. It does increase the Firefox load time, but since I rarely close my browser window this was not a big deal. I was happy until yesterday, when I closed Firefox and couldn’t open it again. The process would start, and then die a couple of seconds later. I had to start Firefox in safe-mode and then disable the Google extension. I guess I’ll just keep backing up my bookmarks manually.

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