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I’ve been following what is happening at CES by reading Gizmodo and Engadget and while some of the new products are pretty cool I haven’t felt like writing about any of them. But I couldn’t resist showing you this:
Clone-A-WillyOh, the possibilities…

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Wow, those tags read like bad spam.

The first Blogaholics Podcast

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Arieanna and I have jumped into the Podcasting craze and decided to start our own podcast. We’ve added a new Blogaholics Podcast section to the blog, with it’s own RSS feed that you can subscribe to to get all the new episodes automatically.

Yesterday we recorded our first episode together. We talk about our experience working from home together, the crappy weather, cats (I know…) and ugly dogs. We also feature great music from our friends in The Kitchen, an up and coming Vancouver band.

Let us know what you think of the content and the sound quality. We are still evaluating our recording setup and we’ll make changes depending on our experiences and your feedback.

Download and enjoy!

Beercast tonight @ Subeez

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We’ll be beercasting tonight with the Vancouver BeerCasting Squad. The past beercasts have been really fun and a good chance to meet new people.
So come join us!

April 21, 6pm @ Subeez
891 Homer Street

Want to hypnotize someone?

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Ever want to hypnotise someone? Know hypnosis already? Maybe you should advertise.

There is a cool site that shows you a whole bunch of ads that people have used to try to sell hypnosis aids. If they are good at hypnosis, maybe they actually got some return for these ads. Go see Hypnosis in Media. It’s a good laugh. hypnosis

 Link via Exclamation Mark.


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